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Is SKIN a swinger's club?

Skin is not a swinger's club. We do have many guests who consider themselves part of the "lifestyle" but you'll only know that if you inquire with them. Our guests are an array of people of which many are just couples looking to have a good time with one another in the sexy and erotic environment we've created.

Do we have to or can we bring alcohol?

No, we do not allow or require our guests to bring their own alcohol. Alcohol is provided at our bars, same as within any nightclub.

Do we have to be pre-approved to attend?

 At SKIN we operate a very strict velvet rope policy. What this means is that everyone is welcome but not everyone gets in. Entry is at the discretion of the door and being selected for entry is based on attractiveness, appropriateness, dress, and sophistication. You may elect to become a member by clicking on the membership tab on the at the top of this page. Once you have filled out the application and attached clear face photos of all applicants if accepted you will be notified. When you have recieved your notification of acceptance email you may return to the site and log in to your profile. Once logged in scroll above the membership tab and click on the event for which you wish to purchase tickets which will ensure your entry.

What should I wear to the SKIN party?

At SKIN, skin is in! There's nothing more appealing then confidence so guests are encouraged to use their imagination and wear what makes them feel most sexy. Because of the infrequency of SKIN we consider it an occasion and expect everyone to dress and behave appropriately. No jeans, khaki's, athletic wear, or sneakers. It's not every weekend night that you get to dress as wild and as alluring as you dare - take advantage of it!

Are people allowed to have sex at SKIN?

Sex is not allowed at SKIN. There are many after parties following our events and we ask that guests reserve their more intimate interactions for then. Though we do not allow actual sexual acts at SKIN, heavy petting, kissing and touching are very common. There's nothing more erotic then going right to the edge and having to save your imagination & curb your desires until later.

Do we have to be on a list to attend the party?

No, we do have a list at every SKIN party but this is reserved for members and special guests of the promoters.

How do I become a member?

To become a member go to the membership section to apply. Not everyone is accepted. Non-acceptance for membership does not mean that you'll be automatically turned away at the door of a SKIN party. In fact, the criteria for membership is slightly different then that for entry into SKIN.


What type of people attend SKIN?

SKIN is attended by couples in committed relationships, married people, lovers, friends who like to have fun together, women not wanting the hassles of attending a club that allows single men, and women interested in meeting other couples and women. Everyone that comes to SKIN comes with playfulness and adventure in mind. Most of our guests fall between the ages of 25 - 40. Single men are never allowed entry into SKIN and all guests must be at least 21.

How much does it cost to attend?

Members who purchase their tickets in advance pay a reduced price of $60 - $80 per couple and single women members are free.

The regular admission at the door for Single women is at the discretion of the SKiN door staff . The regular admissions at the door for couples range from $80 - $100 depending on the city. SKIN does not take credit cards at the door - cash only.

Do you offer bottle service or table reservations?

Bottle and table reservations are offered in select cities. With a bottle reservation guests are allowed free entry. However, there is a bottle minimum based on number of guests. Bottles usually cost $300 per bottle on the average depending on the venue. Please see "Reservations" under the specific city you plan on visiting for more information.

Is there a coat check?

Coat check is offered only in the winter months of the NY SKIN party. We do not otherwise provide it in any of our other cities. Though we can't be responsible for theft we're proud to say we've never had an incident of anyone's belonging being stolen at our parties. Frankly, such behavior, just doesn't "fit" with our guests or environment.

Where is SKIN held?

Currently, SKIN is held only in New York and Dallas. We are always considering other cities so please don't hesitate about contacting us if you have a recommendation.

Membership ticketing.

You must fill out the membership application with attached clear face pics which are viewed only by our team of moderators and have received a confirmation email activating your member profile on this site. Once you are logged in place the pointer on your computer or device over the Membership tab at the top of each page which will activate a drop down menu where you will find specific events for ticketing.